18 March 2018

Sale at Hattonburn, Banchory Ternan


There will be sold by public roup upon Wednesday the 25th day of March current, (being the day before Midlentren Fair of Banchory), at Benjamin Lumsden's Farm of HATTONBURN, in the parish of Banchory Ternan,

600 BLACK-FACED SHEEP, of which 120, five-year old Wedders, have been turnip fed; 210 strong EWES, near Lambing; and about 270 four-year old WEDDERS.  Also, 8 FAT OXEN, and 10 WINTERING STOTS.  The Sheep having been on a superior Pasture all winter, are particularly worth the attention of Fleshers and Graziers.

A reasonable time will be allowed to remove the Fat Sheep; and Credit will be given on security.

The roup to begin at 10 o'clock forenoon.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th March 1818.

Public roup of Peterhead feu


Part of the Sequestrated Estate of JAMES GILLAN, Mill Wright in Peterhead, for Sale, by public roup.

On Friday the 20th March next, at six o'clock in the evening, within the New Inn of Peterhead, there will be exposed to sale by public roup,

THAT FEU in the KIRKTON of PETERHEAD, lately possessed by the said James Gillan, with the Mill Wrights Shop, New House, and Dye House built thereon. - The Feu contains 23 Falls, is excellently situated for carrying on business, and is worthy the attention of intending purchasers.

The title deeds, and articles of roup, are in the hands of Messrs. Robertson and Gray, Writers in Peterhead.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th March 1818.

11 March 2018

Sale of Portsoy tenement


THAT TENEMENT of HOUSES and GARDEN, which formerly belonged to the deceased John Lorimer, late Merchant there, as presently possessed by Lieut. Watson, and others.

For further information, apply to P. Cameron, Writer in Banff.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 11th March 1818.

Towie farm leases


In the Parishes of Turriff and Fyvie, to be Let.

To be Let, for 16 Years and Crops from Whitsunday 1818,

THAT PART of the FARM of PITDOULSIE, at present occupied by Alexander, George, and William Still, which, in the late division of the Estate, has been alloted to the President and Governors of Robert Gordon's Hospital.  This Possession consists of 105 Acres, exclusive of the Planted Ground (which is to be reserved) and the greatest part of it is under cultivation. 

Also to be Let, for 19 years and crops from Whitsunday 1818, the FARM of LOUP on the same Estate, at present possessed by James Dingwall, consisting of 37 Acres, exclusive of Moor Ground to at least an equal extent.

The conditions of Letting may be learnt, by application to Mr Irvine at Towie, the Factor; William Shepherd, Esq., Treasurer of the Hospital at Aberdeen; or Robert Morice, Advocate in Aberdeen; And Sealed Offers must be lodged by those wishing to take the Farms, with Mr Shepherd, or Mr Morice, on or before the 16th March curt.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 11th March 1818.

4 March 2018

Kincardineshire farm leases


To be let for 19 years, from Whitsunday first,

THE FARM of LITTLE BARRAS, occupied by John Kennedy, in the parish of Kineff, consisting of about 65 acres of arable, and 45 acres of uncultivated ground; the arable is good early dry soil, capable of bearaing any kind of grain and green crops; the Steading is centrical, and the Dwelling House slated.  As also the Farm of LEYS of BARRAS adjoining, in the parish of Arbuthnot, possessed by John Clerk, consisting of upwards of 150 acres arable, and 55 of pasture.  If desired, this farm will be divided, the west division to consist of about 100 arable acres, and the east of about 50.  And also, the Croft of LITTLE BARRAS, occupied by George Burnet's Heirs, consisting of nearly 2 acres arable, and 2 1/2 acres of pasture.

Offers will be received by Andrew Jopp, Advocate in Aberdeen, till Saturday the 28th March, when these Farms will be let, at Mill Inn of Stonehaven, at 10 o'clock forenoon.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th March 1818.

Banffshire farm leases


Farms in the Boyne, and on the Estate of Birkenbog, to
be Let for 19 Years, from Whitsunday and Martinmas next,

THAT PART of BREACH, possessed by Mr John Black, consisting of about 100 Acres, besides some adjoining Crofts which may be added to it; and should offerers incline, that Part of this Farm called BLACKFOLDS, consisting of from 28 to 30 Acres, will be Let separately.

The NEW PARK, occupied by Walter Gray, together with the PARTS of BREACH and CLASHENDAMER also held by him, containing about 100 Acres; and the PART of CAIRNTOUN, held by John Hendrie, consisting of about 25 Acres.

The Farms may be divided, or differently arranged, to suit the conveniency of offerers, and to some of them additional improveable Land may be annexed.  They are situated in the Parish and near the Village of Fordyce, in that fertile district of country betwixt Portsoy and Cullen, in the immediate vicinity of Sea-ports, Markets, Lime and Manure.  Liberal encouragement will be given to industrious tenants with capital.

Application may be made, and offers given in at Forglen House, near Turriff; or to Archd. Young, Writer in Banff, and the Farms and boundaries will be pointed out by Thomas Gillies, Ground-officer at Birkenbog.

25 February 2018

Adam Durno and William Fiddler


ADAM DURNO, Shipmaster in Aberdeen, and WILLIAM FIDDLER, Farmer, or residing in Broomhills, Slains, late Owners or part-Owners of the Sloop Nelly of Aberdeen.  Notice is hereby given, to all those having lawful Claims on the above mentioned Adam Durno, and William Fiddler, to lodge the same with George Thomson, John Catto, and Wm. Johnston, Merchants in Aberdeen, to whom a Disposition was granted by the said Adam Durno and William Fiddler, of their interest in the sloop Nelly, in trust for their Creditors; or with Robert Morice, Advocate in Aberdeen, agent for the s aid trustees, within one month from this date; failing their doing which, they will not be entitled to demand any share or proportion of the price of said Vessel, in terms of the trust right.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th February 1818.