1 May 2016

Circuit Court, Inverness

The Court met this day at 10 o'clock, A.M. when Mary McPherson, from the parish of Snizort, in Skye, accused of Child Murder, and Concealment of pregnancy, was brought to the bar.  The Advocate-Depute, in consequence of the absence of material witness, moved that the diet should be deserted pro loco et tempore, which was accordingly done, and the prisoner committed on a new warrant.

Isabella McRae, from Strathmore, in the Parish of Durness, County of Sutherland, also accused of Child Murder, and Concealment of pregnancy, was, on her own confession, found Guilty of the statutory crime, and sentenced to be imprisoned eight months in the tolbooth of Dornoch.

Daniel Forbes, accused of robbery and theft, was next brought to trial.  His indictment consisted of two charges:- the first was, that on 14th. September last, he stole from the house of John McDougal, at Clepantown, a silver watch; the second, that on 6th September, in the vicinity of a fir plantation, near Fallie, he by force and violence, took and carried away from Benjamin Henderson, and did rob him of a silver watch.  - The prisoner pled guilty to the first charge, and the second having been passed from, the Jury returned an unanimous viva voce verdict, finding him Guilty in terms of his own confession.  - After a suitable admonition from his Lordship, the prisoner was sentenced to be transported beyond seas for seven years, under the usual certification.

Donald McKilligan, accused of Hamesucken, and who has for a considerable time past annoyed the inhabitants of the town with his yells or cries, was next brought the bar.  His Counsel stated, that he was a natural fool, and consequently not a fit object of trial.  In support of this plea, Dr Kennedy, who had attended the prisoner, and one of the jailors, were adduced as witnesses, and the plea having been sustained, the prisoner was recommitted, aye and until the Magistrates of Inverness shall find sufficient caution in the Books of Adjournal, for his safe custody in a place of confinement, suited to his unfortunate situation, and the safety of the lieges.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st May 1816.

24 April 2016

Circuit court intelligence

William Lees, convicted of theft and assault, as mentioned before, received sentence of transportation for seven years, and David Kemp, convicted of theft, was sentenced to eighteen months confinement and hard labour in Bridewell.

William Strath, cattle dealer in Boghead, parish of Fyvie, accused of theft and assault, pleaded Guilty to the indictment, and was sentenced to a year's hard labour in Bridewell, and ordained to find caution to keep the peace for two years thereafter, under a penalty of 600 merks Scots.

William Forbes was indicted for the murder of John Allan, apprentice ship carpenter, on 16th March last, by stabbing him in the side with a pen-knife, on the road leading from Aberdeen along the Spittal to Old Aberdeen.  A number of witnesses were examined for the Crown, and several in exculpation of the pannel.  The Jury found, by a plurality of voices, the libel not proven; whereupon the pannel, after a suitable admonition from Lord Pitmilly, was dismissed from the bar.

William Hay, accused of theft, was upon his own petition, consented to by the Depute Advocate, banished from Scotland for life, under the usual certification.

The last trial before the Court was that of John Garden, alias Shockey de Garden, accused of three several acts of theft, and of being habit and repute a thief.  After the evidence had been gone through on the part of the Crown, the Advocate Depute restricted the libel to an arbitrary punishment, and admitted that the charge of habit and repute had not been proven.  The Jury, after deliberating for a few minutes, returned a verdict, finding the first charge not sufficiently proven, and the Pannel Guilty of the two last; whereupon he was sentenced to be transported beyond seas for seven years.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th April 1816.

17 April 2016

Nigg Ploughing Champions

On Saturday the 30th of March last, the Annual Parochial Ploughing Match in the parish of Nigg, took place in a Field on the Farm of Upper Torry.  The day being one of the best we had for some weeks, Fifteen Ploughs were on the ground by 10 o'clock A.M.  They all finished their respective tasks by half past 2 o'clock; after the Ploughs were removed from the ground, the judges minutely examined the work, and after much consideration, they declared that all the Ploughmen deserved Prizes, and that they were sorry the number was limited, and adjudged them as follows:-
First Prize to William Allan, Foreman at Upper Banchory.
The Second to George Mason, Foreman to Mrs. Reith, Loirston.
The Third to William Beattie, Servant to Charles Elmslie, Farmer, Cove.
The Fourth to John Donald, Redcraig.
The Fifth to David Walker, Servant at Upper Torry.
The Sixth to John Davidson, Kincorth; and the
Seventh to Alexander Thom, Foreman to Robert Davidson, Junr. of Balnagask.
The latter Prize, was as usual, competed for by the Ploughmen who got the first Prizes on former years.  Several of the Gentlemen present, and their friends, dined together, and spent the afternoon with much conviviality.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th April 1816.

10 April 2016

Prizewinning Ploughmen


We hear that this match took place at Pitbee, in the parish of Chapel of Garioch, on the 23d of March last.  Twenty-nine ploughs started: twenty-eight of which were drawn by pairs of horses, and one by a pair of oxen.  After the work was finished, and the ploughs had been removed, the Judges came on the field; and, having particularly examined every lot, adjudged the Premiums as follows, viz. :-

The first Premium, L.3 3s. and the Highland Society's Silver Medal, to Joseph Jolly, Thainston.
The second, L.2 2s. and the Highland Society's Silver Medal, to William Middleton, Netherthird.
The third, L.2 2s. to Peter Rough, Portston.
The fourth, L.1 11s. 6d, to William Allan, Freefield.
The fifth, L.1 1s. to Joseph Ord, Netherthird.
The sixth, 10s. 6d. to John Alexander, Balhagarty.

The ploughing was executed much to the satisfaction of the judges and gentlemen present, who were pleased to witness so clear an evidence of the improved state of this important part of agriculture.  After the match, the Garioch Farmer Club dined at Pitmachie, and spent the afternoon with the utmost conviviality. - Sir A. LEITH in the Chair.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th April 1816.

3 April 2016

Roup of Properties in Peterhead and New Leeds


To be Sold by public roup, within Milne's New Inn, Peterhead, on Monday 22d April, 1816, at one o'clock afternoon,

THE following SUBJECTS, part of the sequestrated estate of ALEXANDER CHEYNE, late merchant in Leith.

1st,  All and whole these HOUSES, Barns and Stables, and Ground adjoining thereto, lying in the town of Peterhead, and fronting the north harbour, as presently possessed by Alexander Sutherland, carter, John Taylor, and others.

2d, The Feu tenement of Land, and new House built thereon, lying on the south side of Peterhead, situated on the School Brae, and on the north side of the road leading from the Mineral Well, towards the Kirktown, as presently possessed by Peter Hutchinson, and John Burnet.

3d, That Small House and Feu, in the village of New Leeds, in the parish of Strichen, sometime belonging to Alexander Hepburn, thereafter to James Geddes and his spouse, and which is marked No. 27. on the plan of the village.

For particulars, apply to John Campbell, Esq. Tertins, W.S. 29 Heriot Row Edinburgh, the trustee on Cheyne's estate; Henry Lumsden, Advocate in Aberdeen; or William Gamack, Writer, Peterhead; any of whom will afford every information to intending purchasers.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 3rd April 1816.

27 March 2016

Melancholy Accident in Gartly

We are sorry to learn, that on the night of Monday the 18th, during a tremendous storm of rain, wind, and snow, Mr Cruickshank, schoolmaster of Gartly, lost his way within a mile of his own house, and perished from the rigour of the night.  He has left a large family to bewail his premature death.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 27th March 1816.

William Forbes & Mary McDonald committed to Bridewell

In a scuffle in the Spital, on Sunday the 10th March current, John Allan, Ship Carpenter, received a Stab in the left side with a pen knife from William Forbes, Apprentice Watch-maker; in consequence of which, the said John Allan died on the morning of Friday last.  Forbes has been committed to prison, to stand his trial at the ensuing Circuit Court of Justiciary.

Mary McDonald, for Theft, was on 21st March current, committed to Bridewell for Three Months, and banished the Burgh for life.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 27th March 1816.