17 December 2017

James Henderson: reward


JAMES HENDERSON, residenter in Aberdeen, commonly called Egg Jamie, and sometimes Meal Jamie, accused of various acts of Housebreaking and Theft, in the town and neighbourhood of Aberdeen.

The said James Henderson made his Escape on the 9th curt., is about six feet high, appears to be about 50 years of age, has short fair hair, reddish whiskers, (if not since cut away), grey or blue eyes, is fair complexioned and smooth faced, speaks the south country dialect; he is well known over the country, as he was in the practice of frequenting the Country Markets, particularly those held to the westward and northward of Aberdeen, and of buying large quantities of eggs and butter weekly from country people, bringing the same to Aberdeen for Sale.  When he made his escape, he was dressed in a mixed grey coat, under a drab coloured great coat, wore corduroy trowsers.   About twelve years ago he was a carrier and grain dealer in Leith or Edinburgh; his father, it is believed, was formerly a farmer near Dunse in Berwickshire and is now living near Linlithgow.

Whoever shall apprehend the said James Henderson and secure him in the nearest Jail, will receive a reward of FIVE GUINEAS, on applying to Mr Alexander Cadenhead, Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th December 1817.

Public roup in Foggyloan


There will be sold by public roup, within the house of James Lobban, vintner, Foggyloan, upon the 26th day of December current, at 12 o'clock noon,

THAT PROPERTY in Foggyloan, belonging to JAMES MENNIE in Inverury, being situated in the immediate centre of the Town of Foggyloan, and fronting the Square, with three substantial Dwelling Houses, Barn and Byre.  They would answer well for Tradesmen or Merchants.  Part of the purchase money may be allowed to remain in the purchaser's hands for some time.

For farther particulars, application may be made to William Barber, Cleanhill, near Foggyloan, or James Mennie, Inverury, proprietor.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th December 1817.

10 December 2017


On Friday the 9th day of January next, there will be exposed to sale by public roup, within the New Inn of Aberdeen, at six o'clock afternoon,

THE extensive, commodious, and substantial COACH MANUFACTORY, on the north-side of Frederick Street of Aberdeen, part of the Sequestrated Estates of Alexander Christie, Merchant, Aberdeen, and Andrew Mitchell in Whiteness of Slains.

This Manufactory is fitted up with a Set of complete Machinery, which raises the weightiest Carriages with ease, expedition, and safety; and is situated in one of the most centrical, dry, and airy parts of the town.  It is laid out on the most approved plan for the general convenience of the different operations of the respective Artizans; occupies a space of sixty feet square, and has attached to it a Blacksmith's Shop, Coach Houses and Sheds; a Pump-well of excellent soft water, and every other accommodation and convenience for carrying on the work with facility and advantage.

For further particulars, application may be made to David Hutcheon, Advocate, Aberdeen, Trustee on the Sequestrated Estates of the said Alexander Christie and Andrew Mitchell.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th December 1817.

3 December 2017

Portsoy feus


WHEREAS the following Feuers in the Burgh of Barony of Portsoy, and their heirs and representatives, have for a great many years past failed to pay up their feu duties to the Right Honourable Earl of Findlater and Seafield, the superior of the said burgh, and are now due the sums aftermentioned, viz.

Al. Robertson's representatives
£30  7  10 3-12ths
John Ross’s ditto
£8  12  1 6-12ths
Peter Brown’s ditto
£8  18  4
Primrose Robertson’s ditto
£4  6  8
John Brodie’s ditto
£6  15  6
Alexr Wood, Taylor,
£7  0  0
George Bruce’s representatives
£17  14  10
William Prott’s ditto
£5  13  11

Intimation is therefore hereby given, that unless the said feu duties are forthwith paid, and regular entries taken out and titles made up to the feus abovementioned, immediate measures will be taken for declaring the feu rights irritated, and for evicting the feus for payment of the arrears of feu duties, of which all concerned are desired to take notice.

Such of the feuers as are inclined to pay up their arrears and settle, will please call on Mr Copland, factor for Lord Findlater, at Portsoy, or Archibald Young, writer in Banff.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 3rd December 1817.

26 November 2017

Tragedy at Finglenny

On the morning of 19th inst. the wife of John Spence, farmer, Finglenny, parish of Rhynie, whilst in the act of taking down a gridiron from the top of the house, where a loaded gun had been laid, was shot through the left side, and expired in about an hour thereafter.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th November 1817.

This may refer to Clementina Gordon, whose marriage to John Spence was recorded in the Gartly old parish register on 17th June 1797 (GROS 198/20/165).

Thomas Gill

On Saturday last, the body of Thomas Gill, coal broker, was found in the harbour, near the end of the Upper Quay.  He had been missing since the evening of Friday the 14th inst. and is supposed to have missed his way in the darkness of that tempestuous night, and fallen over the Quay, where he was unfortunately drowned.  With grief we have to state, that he has left a widow, with seven helpless children, to deplore his loss; and that she is also pregnant, and very near her in-lying, of an eighth child.  From the time of her husband being missed, she has been in a state of mind bordering on distraction; and her situation since the body was found, has been, and is truly pitiable.  We are glad to observe that some humane individuals have set on foot a subscription for her relief, and that of her infant family; to which we make no doubt the public will contribute with their wonted benevolence.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th November 1817.

19 November 2017

Roup of Inverebrie


NOTICE is hereby given, to those who granted BILLS at the Roup of Inverebrie, on the 22d of May last, that Payment will be expected on Monday the 24th curt. by eleven o'clock forenoon, within the house of Alex. Watt, Vintner in Ellon, where attendance will be given to receive the same:  And all those who have Claims against ALEXANDER FRASER, in Inverebrie, and who have not lodged them, are desired to do so, with Affidavits thereon, with David Thomson, Yondertown; Andrew Cruickshank in Auchreddie; or John Mackie in Oldtown of Coynoch, within One Month from this date.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th November 1817.