14 February 2016

Moray farm leases

THE following FARMS on the EARL of SEAFIELD'S 
ESTATES in the County of MORAY, viz. :-

Term of Entry                             Names of Farms                 Present Tenants Names.
Whitsunday 1816                         Little-haugh, &c.                  Adam Sharp

1817                                           Stank-house                         Charles Phinn
1817                                           Thom's-hill                            Wm. and Peter McBeath
1817                                           Castle-hill                              Mr McLean's Subtenants
1817                                           Duffus Hillioch                       Widow Russell
1816                                           Dourie                                   William Anderson
Do.                                             Newlands of Barden              Robert Shanks
Do.                                             Star of Birnie                         Joseph Torrie
Do.                                             Newlands of Shougle             John Phimister
Do.                                                                                          James Obilvie
Do.                                                                                          John Asher.

1817                                          Mossend of Main                    Charles Phinn
1816                                          Enclosure of Borrowbrigs        James Simpson

Several of the above Farms are of considerable extent, the solk good, and particularly adapted for the Turnip Husbandry.

Candidates will be furnished with every necessary information relative to the set of these Lands, on application to Mr Peter Brown, Linkwood, near Elgin, with whom offers may be lodged.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th February 1816.

7 February 2016

Pitcarry Farm

To be let for 19 years after Martinmas 1816,

THE Farm of PITCARRY, at present occupied by Mr David Bell, and situate within a mile of the burgh of Bervie; consisting of about 363 acres of arable land, and 70 acres of pasture.

It is proposed to let this land in two farms, or in one, as offerers may incline; and for farther information, application may be made to Mr Charles Mercer, Meikleour, by Perth; or to Mr John Polwarth, Keir, by Kincardine; by whom, and by Messrs. Thomson and Fleming, W.S. Edinburgh, offers will be received.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th February 1816.

Drumnagorrach Farm

Entry immediately, or at Whitsunday first, and for such num-
ber of years as may be agreed on,

DRUMNAGORACK, possessed by the heirs of John Nicolson.  The present rent is £25, on a lease which commenced in 1804.

Should the entry not take place till Whitsunday, Land and Dung for Turnips will be given at a fair price, and also the fields under sown grass, if the new Tenant inclines.

The farm will be found in good order, and very conveniently situated.  Candidates will please attend at Knock, on Monday the 26th February curt.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th February 1816.

31 January 2016

Public Roup of Leases in Aberdeen


That upon Saturday the 3d of February next, at 12 o'clock noon, there will be exposed to sale, by public roup, within the Laigh Tolbooth of Aberdeen,

LEASES of the following subjects, belonging to the Treasurer and Master of Shore-Works of Aberdeen, for three years from Whitsunday next, viz:

1st. - The BELL and PETTY CUSTOMS of the Burgh of Aberdeen.
2. - The MILL of BUXBURN, at present let to Peter Simpson.
3. - The UPPER JUSTICE MILL, at present let to Widow Christie.
4. - The SHIPBUILDING YARD at Footdee, at present occupied by James Adamson, adjoining to the Dock-yard let to Alexander Hall and Co.  Part of the ground formerly occupied by Messrs. Hall and Co. is now to be added to this lot.
5. - The DWELLING HOUSE at Footdee, occupied by Alexander Hall.
6. - A PIECE of GROUND, east side of the Pocra Road, at present let to Alexander Mackie, Blockmaker.
7. - Another piece of ground, east side of said road, south of Alexander Mackie's, at present let to John Rae, Merchant.
8. - A piece of ground lying along the back Pocra Road, sometime occupied by George Knox, now in possession of the said John Rae.
9. - A LIME SHED and Counting-house, preently occupied by the Farmer Lime Company.
10. - A BLOCK and PUMP-MAKERS SHOP, and piece of ground, as possessed by George Nelson, Pump-maker.
11. - A Block and Pump-makers Shop, possessed by Robert Gibbon and Company.
12. - A Block and Pump-makers Shop, Saw-pit, and piece of ground, occupied by James Gibbon and Company.
13. - A Piece of Ground enclosed by a Brick-wall, commonly called the Horse Barracks, and now possessed by Catto and Co. as a Block and Pump-makers Shop, and Wood Yard.

The articles of roup of the above Subjects, will be seen in the hands of Mr Carnegie, Town Clerk.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 31st January 1816.

24 January 2016

Brig "Phesdo"


THAT Fine Brig the PHESDO 244 Tons register, ANDREW PENNAN, Master, will be ready to receive on board goods for either of these ports, by the latter end of January, and will sail early in March.

The superior accommodation for passengers in this vessel (only her second voyage) and the care and attention of the master, is such as are seldom to be met with; and shippers of goods cannot have a better opportunity.  As a considerable part of her cargo is engaged, the time of sailing may be depended upon.

For freight or passage, apply to


Aberdeen, 26th December, 1815.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th January 1816.

Rinloan Inn, Glengairn


THE convenient small INN and FARM of RIENLOAN, at Gardenshiel, in Glengarden, as lately occupied by the deceased Alex. Murray, being the Stage on the Military Road from Perth to Fort George, betwixt the Castletown of Braemar and Tamintoul.  Entry at Whitsunday 1816.

For particulars, enquire at Mr Burnett of Park, Belmont-street, Aberdeen, or Mr Farquharson of Monaltrie, by Tullich.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th January 1816.

17 January 2016

Croup casualties in Fetteresso

The following distressing case of uncommon mortality has occurred within ten days in the family of James Cruickshanks, at Lochfaulds, parish of Feteresso.  Six of his children, out of seven, have all died of the croup within that short period.  The three last were buried on Sunday, and the unhappy father and his remaining child are now dangerously ill.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th January 1816.