15 October 2017

Circuit court case of John Petrie

Inverness, Oct. 3.

The Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here on Monday last, by Lord Reston; and in the course of the day the following criminal cases came before him.

John Petrie, accused of stealing, on the night of the 10th April, 1815, from a barn, in possession of James Younie, farmer at Calfirhill, parish of Rafford, two sacks, containing a boll of barley; and of stealing, on the following night, from a kiln in the occupation of David Duncan, farmer at Bomanhill, parish of Forres, six pecks of barley, and a bed-cover, and from a barn, three bags containing two to three bolls of oats, after having forcibly broke into it.  On being called upon to plead, the pannel stated, that though he was quite innocent, he was forced, from circumstances, to plead guilty.  The Court, however, explained to him that his answer could not be received, and on being again asked, he pleaded guilty.  A verdict was accordingly returned, finding him guilty in terms of his own confession, and the Advocate Depute restricted the libel to an arbitrary punishment.  After an admonition as to his future conduct, he was sentenced to transportation beyond seas for fourteen years.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th October 1817.

Public roup of Aberdeen property


On Thursday the 11th of December next, there will be exposed to sale by public roup, in Dempster's Hotel, Aberdeen, at one o'clock afternoon,

THE following SUBJECTS belonging to the Trustees of the Deceased ALEXANDER TYTLER, Shoemaker in Aberdeen, in separate Lots, viz,

1.  That INCLOSURE of LAND with the HOUSES, on the Stocket brae, lying on the east side of Provost More's property, and adjoining that of Bailie McCombie, presently occupied by Donald Brownie, and measuring about two acres.

2.  The HOUSE and SHOP on the south side of the Upperkirkgate, sometime occupied by the said deceased Alexander Tytler, and at present by James Harper, shoemaker, and others.

The articles of roup and title deeds will be seen in the hands of Charles and Alexander Gordon, Advocates in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th October 1817.

8 October 2017

Public roup of Stuartfield property

Belonging to the Sequestrated Estate of WILLIAM DUGUID,
Manufacturer in Aberdeen.

Upon Monday the 13th day of October curt. there will be exposed to sale by public roup, within the house of Mrs Hutchison in Stewartfield, at one o'clock afternoon,

THAT DOUBLE HOUSE in Stewartfield, which sometime belonged to David Lundie, thereafter to William Hutchison, merchant there.

ALSO, a BUILDING LEASE, entered into between Mr Alex. Galen, as factor on the Entailed estate of Dens; and Mr George Cruden, schoolmaster, with the Houses erected on the building stance thereby let,

AND, the REMAINDER of the LEASE of a PIECE of GROUND at Knock, let by Mr Buchan of Auchmacoy, to George Reidford, of which there are two years to run after Martinmas next.

The Properties will be shewn to intending purchasers, by Mrs Hutchison; and for further particulars, application may be made to Alex. Webster, Advocate in Aberdeen, trustee on the said sequestrated estate, in whose hands are the title deeds of the foresaid subjects.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th October 1817.

Farm of Rosyburn, Alvah


To be let, and entered to at Martinmas, 1818,

THE Mains, Manor-Place, and Gardens of ROSYBURN, presently possessed by John Morison, lying in the parish of Alva, and county of Banff; within 5 miles of the sea-port towns of Banff and Macduff, to which there is access by turnpike roads.  The Farm consists of about forty acres, good arable land, and about sixty of improveable pasture; and grass, for cutting, in the adjoining plantations.

There is a Mansion-House on the premises, which might be repaired at a moderate expence; and one large and elegant Room, with bow windows, in good repair, which might be converted into a Cottage.  The Gardens are extensive, and there is a considerable extent of fruit wall.

The place is well sheltered, and pleasantly situated, and would make a desirable residence for a gentleman; to whom, or an improving tenant of capital, every encouragement will be given, and more land may be afterwards added, if required.  There are also some other Possessions to let.

Offers will be received, and all necessary information communicated, by Mr Young, Writer in Banff; and the boundaries and marches will be pointed out by George Skinner, ground-officer, at Rosyburn.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th October 1817.

1 October 2017

Circuit Court: trial of Alexander Walker

On Tuesday, the Court met at 10 o'clock, and proceeded to the trial of Alexander Walker, in New Pitsligo, accused of fraud, breach of trust, and imposition, in so far as William Robertson, in Upper Glaslaw, having called a meeting of his Creditors in the year 1815, at which it was agreed that John Ironside, at Nettensheads, should be Trustee on his estate, Robertson accordingly desired the prisoner to make out the Trust Deed, and gave him money to pay the stamp duty, which the prisoner retained, without preparing the deed.  Afterwards, a roup of Robertson's effects took place, at which the prisoner acted as Clerk, and wrote the bills granted thereat, and carried them home with him, under pretence of arranging them, the same being a few days afterwards to be delivered to John Ironside.  After repeated applications, the prisoner delivered the roup roll and certain of the documents to Ironside, and along with them a false bill, which he had fraudulently forged and prepared, in imitation of a genuine bill, for £12 10s 2d; and did fraudulently forge and counterfeit the subscription of the said John Ironside, and the mark of Elizabeth Robertson, to the same; and farther, in breach of the trust and confidence reposed in him, prisoner subscribed the genuine bill as drawer, and indorsed the same blank, and delivered it to William McCook, messenger, in payment of a debt which he was then employed to do diligence against the prisoner for; and all this with intent to cheat and defraud the said John Ironside and Elizabeth Robertson, who, when the genuine Bill fell due, were obliged to make payment of it, with interest and charges. to McCook, for behoof of his employers.  To these charges the prisoner pleaded Not Guilty; and after some debate, his Counsel, Mr Gordon of Craig stated, in bar of the prosecution, an omission of some material words in the copy of the criminal letters served upon the prisoner.  On account of this inaccuracy, the Advocate Depute departed from the prosecution in toto , and the Jury consequently returning a verdict viva voce of Not Guilty, the prisoner was dismissed from the bar.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st October 1817.

24 September 2017

Circuit Court Cases

On Monday the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here, by the Right Hon. the Lord Justice Clerk, and Lord Reston.

The first case which came before the Court was that of James Henderson and John Davidson, both young men belonging to this town, accused of house breaking and then, in having entered the house of Heathens, on the 25th March last, by forcing open one of the windows, and stealing therein a variety of articles.  John Davidson having failed to appear, sentence of fugitation was passed upon him, in the usual terms.  James Henderson pled guilty; and no objection having been found to the relevancy of the indictment, the case was remitted to a jury, who found him guilty in terms of his own confession.  The Advocate Depute restricted the libel to an arbitrary punishment, and he received sentence of transportation for 14 years, after a very proper address from the Lord Justice Clerk.

The next case was that of Bathia Sutherland, alias Gray, accused of the crime of bigamy, in having, on the 16th of February last, married James Lothwood, a Chelsea pensioner residing in Aberdeen, her former husband, William Crombie, Kirk Officer of the parish of Kemnay, being still in life.  She pled guilty; and on account of the long confinement she had already suffered, and her seeming contrition for her offence, she was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th September 1817.

17 September 2017

Drowning tragedy: six lives lost

On Saturday afternoon, a melancholy accident happened on the coast of Cruden.  A boat belonging to Peterhead, on her return from Newburgh, with mussels, struck on a sunk rock off Whinnyfold, when, melancholy to relate, six people, (three men, and three young women) lost their lives, leaving their numerous relatives in a state of affliction more easily felt than described; the father of one of the parties having been an eye witness to the fate of his son.  The boat was seen to upset almost instantaneously, but at too great a distance for immediate relief.  The only survivor of the crew, Robert Sellar, was saved by clinging to the mast, which fortunately floated from the boat, and by laying hold of several oars, which were successively carried to him by the ebbing tide.  Three of the bodies were found in about half an hour, but the vital spark was extinct: these were William Mitchell, who was at the helm, George Alexander, and Christian Souter.  Those still missing are William Sellar, brother of the survivor, Jean Alexander, daughter of the above mentioned G.A. and Janet Mackie.  Two boats were employed during the whole of Sunday, dragging for the bodies missing, but without success.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th January 1817.