14 January 2018


ON the night betwixt Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th days of January current, the following persons broke out of, and escaped from the JAIL of ABERDEEN, viz:-

JAMES HENDERSON, son of Thomas Henderson, lately vintner in the North-street of Aberdeen, under sentence of Transportation for Housebreaking and Theft.

JOHN McBARNET, alias BARNET, Labourer, lately residing in the Kirktown of Peterhead, accused of various acts of Housebreaking and Theft.

JOHN GRANT, Blacksmith, late at Mains of Muiresk, in the parish of Turriff, (son of John Grant, in Meadowley, parish of Tarland), accused of an aggravated Assault.


Is offered for the apprehension of each of the said JAMES HENDERSON and JOHN McBARNET, alias BARNET;


For the apprehension of the said JOHN GRANT.

To be paid, on their being respectively lodged in any of his Majesty's Jails; and any information will be received by Alexander Cadenhead, Advocate in Aberdeen, Procurator Fiscal for the Burth of Aberdeen, and the informer's names concealed.

Aberdeen, 13th January, 1818.


Description of the foresaid Persons:

1.  JAMES HENDERSON is about 18 or 19 years of age, thinly made, dark brown cropt hair, dark eyes, and of dark complexion; about 5 feet 6 inches high, his hair pretty long on the forehead, and turned to one side; is rather good looking, and of a genteel appearance.  The forefinger of his right hand has been recently cut.  Had on a long brown or snuff-coloured new coat, a new yellow vest, new grey cloth pantaloons, and a new hat; a pair of new thin shoes, and white worsted stockings, with a black silk handkerhief about his neck.  Is supposed to have gone southward with one of the coaches.

2.  JOHN McBARNET, alias BARNET, aged about 34 years, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, stout made, has rather small legs, brown hair, red whiskers, a strong reddish coloured beard, bush eye-brows, dark grey eyes, of a downcast and thoughtful look, and very round shouldered; has the mark of an old sore on the shin bone of one of his legs, the bone appearing to have been injured, and the part of a reddish or inflamed colour, which he says, was occasioned by a splinter, while serving on board the navy.  Had on a coarse hat, with a piece of black cord about it, but no ribbon, lined with yellow; had on a coarse dark blue short coat, with large white metal buttons, having small holes, or punctures on the surface of them; a green corduroy vest, single breasted, with small white metal buttons; a pair of green cotton velvet breeches; dark blue worsted stockings; a pair of old coarse shoes, rather large for his feet; and a silk handkerchief about his neck, of a light blue ground, and having yellow flowers on it.  Had in his possession a black silk napkin, containing three white coarse linen shirts, a pair of white corduroy breeches, newly washed, and a pair of razors, with transparent or tortoise-shell handles, in a case.

3.  JOHN GRANT, aged 26 years; five feet six or seven inches high; of a dark complexion, having dark hair, and grey eyes. -  Had on a short blue coat, with yellow metal buttons; dark stripped vest; dark blue pantaloons, half worn; and old thin shoes.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th January 1818.

7 January 2018

James Reid, corn merchant in Portsoy


THE Trustee for the Creditors of the late Mr JAMES REID, Corn Merchant in Portsoy, requests a Meeting of the said Creditors, within the Royal Oak tavern in Banff, on Saturday the 17th day of January current, at noon, when a state of the trust funds, and other matters of importance, will be submitted to the consideration of the Meeting, at which all concerned are particularly requested to attend.

1st January 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th January 1818.

James Rose, New Aberdour


A Meeting of the CREDITORS of the Deceased JAMES ROSE, late Feuar in New Aberdour, is requested, within the house of Mr James Pratt, merchant in New Aberdour, upon the 22d day of January next, for the purpose of taking such steps as may be most for the benefit of all concerned.  Those Creditors who cannot attend will please authorise some person to act for them.

New Aberdour, 30th Dec. 1817.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th January 1818.

31 December 2017

Fyvie farms

To be Let, and entered to at Whitsunday first,
for such number of years as may be agreed on,

THE following FARMS on the ESTATE of MUIRS of FYVIE, viz.:-

NETHER MUIRFUNDLAND, possessed by Robert Smith,
SOUTH BADIECHELL,                           by George Law,
MID BADIECHELL,                                 by - Gerard,
OVER HILL,                                             by W. Alexander.

The Two last Farms may be subdivided into commodious Crofts, to suit the conveniency of Candidates.

The Boundaries will be pointed out by James Gordon, in South Blachree, the Ground Officer on the Estate; and every other information will be given by John Brown at Netherdale, by whom offers in writing will be received.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 31st December 1817.

24 December 2017

Milne's Court: property to let


THAT HOUSE in MILNE COURT, at present possessed by Mr Archibald Duff, teacher of Dancing:- consisting of one elegant Hall, Dining-room and Drawing-room, two Bed Closets, Kitchen and Cellar; and above the Hall a Square Flat, consisting of five Bed-rooms.

Apply to J. Milne, Perfumer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th December 1817.

William Proctor, missing

Son of David Proctor, East Townend of Forfar, shire of Angus, aged 12 years,

LEFT his father's house the 7th of November last.  He is of small growth, short fair hair, pale complexion; had on a yellow napkin, corduroy jacket and breeches.  Any person knowing where this boy may be found, would confer a Christian favour by sending a line to his father; or to John Cabel, weaver in Mr Maberly's Factory, Aberdeen, that he may be restored to his parents, or his clothes sent to him, if he intend to remain.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th December 1817.

17 December 2017

James Henderson: reward


JAMES HENDERSON, residenter in Aberdeen, commonly called Egg Jamie, and sometimes Meal Jamie, accused of various acts of Housebreaking and Theft, in the town and neighbourhood of Aberdeen.

The said James Henderson made his Escape on the 9th curt., is about six feet high, appears to be about 50 years of age, has short fair hair, reddish whiskers, (if not since cut away), grey or blue eyes, is fair complexioned and smooth faced, speaks the south country dialect; he is well known over the country, as he was in the practice of frequenting the Country Markets, particularly those held to the westward and northward of Aberdeen, and of buying large quantities of eggs and butter weekly from country people, bringing the same to Aberdeen for Sale.  When he made his escape, he was dressed in a mixed grey coat, under a drab coloured great coat, wore corduroy trowsers.   About twelve years ago he was a carrier and grain dealer in Leith or Edinburgh; his father, it is believed, was formerly a farmer near Dunse in Berwickshire and is now living near Linlithgow.

Whoever shall apprehend the said James Henderson and secure him in the nearest Jail, will receive a reward of FIVE GUINEAS, on applying to Mr Alexander Cadenhead, Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th December 1817.