25 September 2016

Lawrencekirk farm leases

Adjoining the Village of LAWRENCEKIRK.

To be let for such number of years as can be agreed on, with
entry at Martinmas next,

THE Farms of LOWER MAINS of JOHNSTON, consisting of nearly 70 acres, and BLACKIEMUIR, consisting of about 52 acres; all at present possessed by Mr James Wallace.

Both the above farms are in high order; and an unusually large proportion of them is either in One year old Grass, or laid down with the present Crop.  The land of Lower Mains is well known to be of the best quality in the Mearns; producing heavy crops of What, and other Grain.  The Blackiemuir farm has very lately had a great deal of lime laid on it; and has been cultivated in the best manner.  A more desirable entry in every respect could not occur than the present condition of these Farms affords.

They are to be let, either together or separately.  Each farm has an excellent Dwelling House on it, and good Offices.  The land will be shewn by Baillie Scott of Lawrencekirk; and any person wishing further information, or to bargain, may apply to Mr FARQUHAR of Johnston, the proprietor; or to R. Morrice, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th September 1816.

Heirs of John Paul


NOTICE to the  Legatees, and nearest-in-kin of JOHN PAUL, son of John Paul, some time at Mill of Fechill, in the parish of Udny, and county of Aberdeen.  - The said John Paul, junior, was servant to Dr DUNCAN, senior, and afterwards employed as a Letter Carrier in the General Post Office, Edinburgh, by his last Will and Testament, dated 14th November, 1794, named Dr DUNCAN his Executor, and bequeathed a variety of Legacies; and among others, to the following persons, viz:

To ANNE PAUL, his Sister, then residing at or near Oldmeldrum, in the county of Aberdeen.

JAMES CHALMERS, in Torrieley, in the parish of Udny, and county of Aberdeen, Cousin of the said John Paul.

JEAN CHALMERS, Sister of the said James Chalmers.

If the before named Legatees are still alive, payment of their legacies will be obtained, on applying to Mr John Mowbray, Writer to the Signet, Howe Street, Edinburgh, or to Alex. Webster, Advocate in Aberdeen.

If all or any of the Legatees are dead, the lapsed Legacies will be paid to the nearest-in-kin of the said John Paul, the Testator, on applying as above.

Edinburgh, 10th Sept. 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th September 1816.

18 September 2016

John Scroggie, Kinharrachie


JOHN SCROGGIE, Square-wright in Kinharachie, having executed a Trust Disposition in favour of James Mair, Writer in Aberdeen, for behoof of his Creditors;  There will be sold by public roup, on Saturday 28th current, the whole Effects which belonged to him - consisting of a variety of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, among which is an excellent Eight-day Clock, with Mahogany Case, and almost quite new; also an extensive assortment of WRIGHT TOOLS of all descriptions, with Shop Furniture, and various other articles.

The roup to begin at 12 o'clock noon, and Credit to be given on security.

All those having claims against the said John Scroggie, will please lodge the same, properly vouched, within fourteen days from this date, with the said James Mair, at Mr Crombie's, Advocate.

Aberdeen, 17th September, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th September, 1816.

Heathery Haugh, Strachan

In the Parish of Strachan, County of Kincardine,
Entry to commence at Martinmas next,

THE very convenient and compact Sheep Farm of HEATHERY HAUGH, presently occupied by Thomas Kinnear; consisting of about 35 Acres of Arable Land, together with a considerable extent of excellent Sheep pasture.  For further particulars, apply to Mr Laing, Overseer at Blackhall, who will shew the plan, and answer all enquiries.

Blackhall, Sept. 9th.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th September 1816.

11 September 2016

James Wilson, New Pitsligo


THAT JAMES WILSON, Feuar in New Pitsligo, has granted a trust disposition, for behoof of his creditors, to Lewis Chalmers, writer in Fraserburgh; William Hacket, in Mains of Feddrat; James Eddie, in New Pitsligo; and William Williamson, in Cairnywhing, as trustees.  All those to whom the said James Wilson is indebted will attend a meeting of the trustees, in the Arms Inn of New Pitsligo, upon Wednesday the 18th current, at 12 o'clock noon.  Those who are due the said James Wilson will attend at the same time and place, to settle their accounts.

New Pitsligo, 6th September, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 11th September 1816.

Roup at Whitemyres


Upon Monday the 16th of September curt. will be sold by public roup, at 11 o'clock forenoon,

ABOUT 10 Acres of very fine OATS, 5 Acres good TURNIPS, and 1 1/2 Acre excellent POTATOES, belonging to Mr DUGUID, at the Old House of Whitemyres.

The whole will be set up in such Lots as Purchasers may incline.  To those who purchase in Aberdeen, the Turnips will be drove to them.  The roup will begin on Monday the 16th, at 11 o'clock precisely. - Credit on security.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 11th September 1816.

4 September 2016

Farm leases


THE following FARMS belonging to JOHN MORRISON, Esq. of Auchintoul, are to be let, in the course of this Autumn, on a day to be afterwards advertised. - Entry at Whitsunday, 1817, viz.:-

BRAEFOOT in the parish of Turriff, presently possessed by James Brown, consisting of about 36 acres of Infield, 90 Acres of Outfield, and 197 acres of improvable Muir and Pasture.

MAINS OF GREENS, in the parish of Monquhitter, presently occupied by William Chalmers, consisting of about 23 acres of Infield, 46 acres of Outfield, and 183 acres of Pasture and Muir.

The Ground Officer at Laithers, or the present tenants, will point out the boundaries.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th September 1816.