14 September 2014

James Craighead, deceased


ALL those having CLAIMS on the deceased JAMES CRAIGHEAD, Farmer in Milltown of Finnersie, are desired to lodge the same with William Stuart, Advocate, Castle Street, Aberdeen, betwixt and the fourth of November next.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th September 1814.

Ruthrieston Farm and Cooperage, Aberdeen


The small Farm of MIDTOWN of RUTHRIESTON, at present possessed by James Ironside, is to be Let, and may be entered to at Martinmas.

The COOPERAGE in Virginia Street, as possessed by Mr Coutts, with several Rooms in the adjoining Houses at the Foot of Castle-hill, are also to be Let.

Apply to Mr Duthie, Rosehill, by Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th September 1814.

7 September 2014

Peterhead Dwelling Houses


THESE FOUR DWELLING HOUSES, with the Stable, Byre, and Gardens, belonging thereto, situated in the Roanheads of Peterhead, as presently possessed by William Allardyce, William Thom, and others, the property of the heirs of the late Andrew Robertson, will be sold in one, or more Lots, as purchasers may incline.  There is an excellent Spring Well upon the premises; and the proprietor for the time, has right to Seats in the Parish Church.

The tenants will shew the premises; and for further particulars, application may be made to William Gammack, Writer in Peterhead.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th September 1814.

Farms in Banffshire and Moray


There will be Let, at INNES HOUSE, on Tuesday the 13th day of September 1814, for Leases of such endurance as may be agreed upon,

THE following POSSESSIONS, viz.:  

County of Banff, Parish of Marnoch.
LONGHAUGH of KINNAIRDY, occupied by Jno. Hacket.

County of Moray, Parishes of St Andrew's and Rafford.
MOSS-SIDE of BLERVIE, occupied by Alexander Dunbar.
EASTER BROCKLACH of DITTO, occupied by Alex. Smith
BOGTOWN of COXTON, occupied by Alex. Gill.

The entry to be at Whitsunday first.

These Possessions are of fine early soil, all of them susceptible of great improvement; and Longhaugh and Bogtown are of very considerable extent, - particularly Longhaugh, which is situated on the banks of the Doveron, and bounded by that river on the south.

The ground officers will point out the marches; and for farther particulars, application may be made to Mr Stronach, at Knock, as to Longhaugh; and to Mr Williamson, at Innes, as to the Morayshire Farms; - to either of whom, offers may be given in, previous to the day of let.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th September 1814.

31 August 2014

Auchintoul Estate Farms


THE following FARMS, part of the Estate of AUCHINTOUL, situated in the parishes of Marnoch and Inverkeithny, are to be let for such a number of years as may be agreed upon, viz: -

MAINS of ARDMELLIE, with the Mansion-house, Offices, and Garden, also the North Mains of Ardmellie, occupied by George Taylor, either separately or together.

CROFT at Brae of Ardmellie, occupied by James Gregory.

KIRKTOWN of MARNOCH, occupied by William Fordyce.

Part of ELRICK, by John Mann.

BALNOON and DRAKEMIRE, lately occupied by William and George Cruickshanks, either together or separately.

NETHER FORTRIE, occupied by James Webster.

UPPER FORTRIE, by the heirs of Robert Fasken.

Entry may be had to the Mains of Ardmellie, Part of Elrick, and Part of Balnoon, lately occupied by William Cruickshank, at Martinmas first, and to the others at Whitsunday 1815, except Kirktown of Marnoch, the entry to which is at Whitsunday 1816.

Applications may be made, and offers given in, to the Proprietor at Auchintoul, betwixt and Tuesday the 6th day of September next, on which day they will be let at the House of Auchintoul.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 31st August 1814.

Croylet farm, Edingight


THE Farm of CROYLET, as lately possessed by John Low, consisting of about 50 acres arable land, and pasture, is to be Let for such number of years as can be agreed upon. - There is a substantial and commodious Dwelling House, and suitable Offices on the premises; and the Farm, which commands a south exposure, is in a high state of cultivation.  Entry may be had to the greater part of the farm and whole houses immediately, and to the remainder at the term of Martinmas first.  And Candidates will please attend at Edingight, on Wednesday the 7th September next, when the farm will be let.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 31st August 1814.

24 August 2014

Cases brought before the Justices of Peace of Aberdeen

On Monday last, Janet Douglas, otherwise Oliver, a vagrant and incorrigible vagabond, who was about six years ago imprisoned in the Tolbooth of Aberdeen, along with a John Oliver, said to be her husband, for the crime of coining and uttering base money, and also committed to Bridewell, about four years ago, in virgue of a Warrant from the Justices of the Peace, for some crime she was guilty of about Tarland; was duly convicted before the Magistrates, of obtaining money from the Lieges in an illegal manner, by pretending to be deaf and dumb, to tell fortunes, and to have a licence from the King certifying her capacity to cure different disorders, &c.  She was sentenced to two years confinement in the House of Correction for this city, and to be kept to hard labour, and afterwards banished the Burgh and liberties for life.  And on the 23d inst. Donald Campbell, residing at Putachyside of Aberdeen, and Margaret Ross, his spouse, who were some time ago banished the Burgh, by the Magistrates, for Harbouring such idle and vagrant persons as the said Janet Douglas, and who had been guilty of harbouring her on the present occasion; along with Helen Ellis, at Backtraps of Aberdeen, a person of notoriously bad character, who was banished from Banff and Peterhead lately, and who at present keeps a house of bad fame, were disposed of as follows, viz., the said Donald Campbell and Margaret Ross, were fined in the sum of £5, and committed to prison till payment, and also banished the Burgh and liberties for the space of Three Years; the cause was continued against the said Helen Ellis.