19 November 2017

Roup of Inverebrie


NOTICE is hereby given, to those who granted BILLS at the Roup of Inverebrie, on the 22d of May last, that Payment will be expected on Monday the 24th curt. by eleven o'clock forenoon, within the house of Alex. Watt, Vintner in Ellon, where attendance will be given to receive the same:  And all those who have Claims against ALEXANDER FRASER, in Inverebrie, and who have not lodged them, are desired to do so, with Affidavits thereon, with David Thomson, Yondertown; Andrew Cruickshank in Auchreddie; or John Mackie in Oldtown of Coynoch, within One Month from this date.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th November 1817.

Properties in Portsoy & Banff

In Portsoy and Banff, to be Sold or Let,

THAT large and commodious HOUSE and PREMISES, in the Square of Portsoy, belonging to the late James Gordon, Esq. and presently occupied by Alexander Gordon, with the Grain Lofts, Wine Cellars, Salt Cellars, Coopers' Shop, Meal Girnal, Writing Room, Stables, Cow-house, Hay Loft and Sheds.

Also, TWO RANGES of substantial and Roomy GRANARIES, and other HOUSES adjoining, with Stable and Meal Girnal, on the Shore of Banff.

These Premises will be Sold or Let together, or in separate Lots; and entry given immediately.

The House at Portsoy would afford excellent accommodation for a large and genteel family; and the other Premises, both at Portsoy and Banff, are particularly well calculated for Herring Curers.

There is also to be sold, the MALTBARN at Portsoy, presently occupied by the Brewery Company.

For further particulars, enquiry may be made at Francis Gordon, Advocate in Aberdeen; or Archibald Young, Writer in Banff.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th November 1817.

12 November 2017

Easter Echt farm


To be let, and entered to at Whitsunday next,

THE Farm of EASTER ECHT, lying in the parish of Echt, and county of Aberdeen, presently possessed by Alex. Bings.

For further particulars, application may be made to Alex. Webster, Advocate in Aberdeen, with whom offers are to be lodged by the 22d Nov. current; and Mr William Aberdein, at Barnyards of Echt, will point out the boundaries of the farm.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th November 1817.

Public roup at Tonley, Tough


Upon Friday the 21st day of Nov. curt, there will be sold by public roup, at TONLEY, in the Parish of Tough,

THE whole LIVE STOCK on the personal Farm of the late JAMES BYRES, Esq. of Tonley, consisting of FIVE HORSES, NINE COWS and a BULL, THREE four-year-old STOTS; ELEVEN one and two-year old STOTS and QUEYS, and EIGHT CALVES of this Season; TWENTY SHEEP fit for the Butcher - - with a variety of FARMING UTENSILS, as CARTS, PLOUGHS, HARROWS, &c.

The roup to begin at 10 o'clock forenoon; and Credit will be given on security.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th November 1817.

5 November 2017

William Fraser, New Pitsligo


THE Creditors of WILLIAM FRASER, late Merchant in New Pitsligo, are requested to lodge their Claims, properly vouched, with William Mitchel, manufacturer at Millfield, or Alexander Lillie, merchant in Banff, against the 17th current, on which day the Trustees request a Meeting of the Creditors, within the New Inn at New Pitsligo, at noon, when a state of their intromissions will be laid before the creditors; a scheme of division will be made up, and the funds divided accordingly: Certifying, that those who fail to lodge their claims, or attend the meeting, will be cut out from any share of the funds, which shall then appear in the hands of the trustees.

Not to be repeated.
November 4, 1817.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th November 1817.

Inn and Farm at Pitmachie


There is to be Let for such number of years as may be agreed

THE INN and FARM of PITMACHIE, as presently occupied by JAMES BROWN.  The convenient and favourable situation of this Inn is well known, being situated on the great North Road leading from Aberdeen to Inverness, by Huntly, and is a regular established stage.  It is also very centrical for the public district-meetings, most of which are regularly held there.  The House and Offices are commodious, and suitable for the Inn and Farm.

The Lands are of an excellent early soil, and are in a high state of improvement.  The Household Furniture, Post-Chaises, Horses and Crop, may be had at a fair valuation, and entry will be given either immediately, or at Whitsunday next.

For particulars, apply to Mr George Hall at Logie Durno; or Messrs. Farquaharson & Co. Merchants, St. Nicholas Street, Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th November 1817.

29 October 2017

Gardenstown properties


There is to be sold by Private Bargain,

THE GRANARY on the east-side of the thriving Harbour of Gardenstown, with the Cellars below, belonging to JOHN KNOX, betwixt this and the 16th of November next.  The House is eighty feet long, and fifteen and one half feet broad within walls; the Cellars are divided below the Granary by a stone wall and have large doors in each end, sufficient for receiving a Cart.  There is also a door in each end of the Granary above, with easy access; the House is in compleat repair, and the largest half of it lately built in a substantial manner.  There is room enough on the Property for building another House on the west-end.  

If not sold before the above period, the Granary will be Let.  Entry at Martinmas first.

There are also to be sold as above TWO other large FEU TENEMENTS and HOUSES in the middle of the town of Gardenstown; the one is possessed by George Laird, Vintner, and others - the House possessed by G.L. is both large and commodious, well furnished with Beds and Presses, &c. and in excellent repair, with a good Stable and a large Hay Loft above it; these Houses were new roofed a few years ago, with the best materials, and are the best in town for a Public house, or a Merchant, having a well finished Shop, with entries to it from both Streets. - Feu-duty only Fourteen Pence.

The other Feu adjoining is partly possessed by John Robertson, the Dwelling House is very commodious and substantial, and has a Yard of twenty-seven Roods belonging to the Feu of very early and superior quality of Ground. - Feu duty is 4s 9d.

For further particulars, and to those wishing to purchase, apply to John Knox, the proprietor. - - Credit will be given on good security.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th October 1817.